Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hello to you all. Lovely people!

Well , first post ha ? exciting :) 
So , to me starting this blog is kind of like a new beginning , a fresh start  - just like the name of this post :)

and before I start rumblling about new starts I think we should have a little introduction first , what do you say ?  
Alright , so my name is shira (BTW I'm not American ) I am almost 16 - Yepp.. young ,I know.
Anyway , my school year is almost over ( Woohoooo!) and summer is coming up so I was just feeling super inspired lately :) 
And guess what came out from all this insperation ? Blogging . :D
Now I'm quite new at this and also not a native english speaker so please excuse me if I make some language mistakes or something ...

You are probably thinking why should I even read this blog ?! WELL , you really don't have to if you don't want to , BUT you might wanna give it a try if you are like me :) 
I am a TOTAL organization junkie , I LOVE fashion, design , art and all those pretty things  
I love food although I'm not a big eater or baker ... :-|

So what to expect  ? I wouldn't say you're going to see cooking recipes and tips and tricks on how to bake pie but you might very much see some food pics , and most importantly 
a lot of fashion and organiztion stuff ! :D
School organization , DIY's , summer fashion , trends , recently bought and more .. Let's just say the list is pretty long . 

Anyway , you are most wellcome to stick around and read :) 
Promise it's not so bad ;) 

Love you and can't wait to get started ! <3 


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